Strange Interview

The domestic political news over the past couple of days has been dominated by the interview the Chancellor of the Exchequer gave to the Guardian newspaper. It is extraordinary on a number of levels. It seems odd that the Chancellor should choose to take a journalist away on holiday with him. It is unusual for such a senior politician to use such colourful language when describing the way the public presently feel. It is not often that a politician makes his feelings about a colleague from his own party so publicly known. All in all a rather strange interview and one I suspect we shall all hear many references to in the coming weeks as the Conference season approaches.

I am really enjoying my cricket holiday. We were very lucky to have four uninterupted days play at Scarborough and an intriguing game as well even though after all it ended with Yorkshire drawing with Kent. On the opposite coast Lancashire had the opposite weather four days completely washed out without a ball being bowled so another, rather different draw!

Published by David Nuttall

Business and Political Consultant

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