Glasgow East by-election

As a Conservative Parliamentary Candidate barely a day goes by without someone somewhere asking me when the General Election is going to be. Over the years I must have been asked this question thousands of times. I often reply “I wish I knew because I could make some money betting on the date !”. As the Glasgow East by-election has approached ( and voting there takes place today ) the frequency which I have been asked this question has increased. I suspect people have been thinking that if Labour lose then somehow that would hasten the calling of a General Election. Whilst it is possible that such an outcome could be the result of a Labour defeat I rather doubt it personally. All the pollsters and pundits are suggesting Labour will hold on anyway in what is one of the safest Labour seats anywhere in the Country.

What I have been impressed by, is that even though this is a Constituency where traditionally there has been quite low levels of support for the Conservative Party we have really made a serious effort to run a full and vigorous campaign with many of the Party’s leading figures – including the Party Leader David Cameron MP – visiting Glasgow to help in the the campaign. I hope that when the result is announced the Conservative vote reflects the hard work the Party has put in.

Published by David Nuttall

Business and Political Consultant

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