Labour Party Bankrupt?

There is a story in today’s Guardian newspaper which indicates the depth of the Labour Party’s financial difficulties. The story suggests the leaders may become personalll liable for tens of millions of pounds of debts if loans totalling £17million plus interest are not repaid soon. As with alot of newspaper stories I suspect that this is partly true but in my view it is highly unlikely. The Labour Party has links with many ultra-rich multi-millionaires some of whom are on record as saying they will support Labour to whatever extent is necessary. I guess that local Labour Parties are finding it more difficult to raise funds and I think that the fact that Labour are still so heavily dependent on handout from the Unions is not a healthy situation for them…..or our Country.

Today should be interesting at home as we have had notification that the electricity is to be swirched off all day whilst repair works are carried out and as everything runs on electricity here ( including of course my computer ) I will be off for at least part of the day to our Constituency Office where hopefully the electricity will be on. In the meantime I am off to make a flask of coffee for the day!

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