Victory at Crewe and Nantwich

I spent all day yesterday with a group of us from Bury North helping out on polling day at the Crewe and Nantwich by-election. I then stayed up until 3am to watch the result and I am not surprised that the Conservative Candidate Edward Timpson was successful. I am surprised by the size of his majority. Edward is intelligent and caring and will make an excellent Member of Parliament. The result showsa that thousands of voters were unconvinced by the constant Labour attacks on the Conservative Candidate just because of his background. I saw alot of Labour literature and there was very little mention of Labour policies and achievements. As for the Liberal Democrats there literature continues to give the impression that they occupy a parallel Universe. Yesterday they distributed a newspaper with the headline ” Liberal Democrats set for amazing by-election win” Hmmmm. well not quite. I think claims like that just make you look silly when it was quite clear to everyone that a Liberal Democrat win was in reality rather unlikely.

Sue and I are off ti take CeeCee to the V E T ‘s this morning for another innoculation. Then I shall be getting back to my own work and listening to the Second Test match.

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