Mayor Making

Rev John Findon Rector of Bury, The Mayor of Bury Cllr Peter Ashworth and David Nuttall
I was honoured to be invited to the installation of the new Mayor of Bury on Wednesday. Councillor Peter Ashworth was sworn in as the new Mayor and I am sure he will carry out his Mayoral duties with great pride and dignity.

Yesterday, I paid a visit down to Crewe to help in the by-election. The response on the doorsteps is quite positive although it is also quite unusual. I guess most politicians are used to hearing the refrain of “We never see anybody here” well in Crewe at the moment the most usual response is “Oh dear not another one!”. Hundreds of campaigners from all parties are descending on what after all is quite a small town and I would have thought the local economy is receicing a real boost from all the election activity.

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