CeeCee Arrives

CeeCeeLife in the Nuttall household has changed enormously for the past three days following the arrival of our new seven and a half week old dalmatian pup. We collected him Wednesday morning and spent the rest of the day introducing him to his new home. I don’t have any experience in canine matters but as far as I can tell he seems to have settled in ok.

Yesterday, Sue and I took him to his first Conservative coffee morning. Then in the afternoon I called in at an afternoon tea organised by the Bury Blind Society. In the evening I attended the Annual General Meeting of the Salisbury Conservative Club where I am a member.

Today, I have been over to Sheffield to attend a business meeting leaving Sue to take CeeCee to the V E T ‘s for his first innoculation. This evening we have been to watch the Summerseat Players perform Alan Ayckbourn’s ‘Improbable Fiction’. It is not a play I have seen before but it certainly contains some clever humour and the audience clearly enjoyed it.

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