Just like buses?

News broke overnight of the death of the North West Labour MP Gwyneth Dunwoody. Mrs Dunwoody was an independent minded MP and was one of the few Labour MP’s who I would always stop to listen to if I heard her on the radio or television. Whilst I might not have always agreed with what she had to say it seemed to me that she always seemed to speak with a good deal of common sense. She will be sadly missed not only by her family with whom our prayers and thoughts are but also by the political community.

To return to the local election trail in Bury no sooner had we completed the visit from William Hague MP than we received a visit from Francis Maude MP the Shadow Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster and a former Party Chairman. We used to say about buses that none turned up for ages and then two would turn up together. I suppose the analogy is not entirely true in the case of Bury Conservatives receiving Shadow Ministerial visits because we have received a steady stream over recent months but even for us to have two high profile visits on the same day is rather unusual!

Yesterday, I was interviewed by journalists from Radio 4 news who were putting together a news report about the local elections and they followed our campaign team out canvassing on what was a very cold morning in Moorside Ward.