Campaign Update

I have had a busy few days as campaigning for this year’s local elections is now in full swing. Yesterday I was in East Ward and today weather permitting I will be out in Church Ward.
One thing about local election campaigns is that we are often sent a number of guests to help out. This week we have been helped by Stewart Jackson the M.P. for Peterborough and also by Alan Duncan the M.P. for Rutland and Melton and a high profile member of the Shadow Cabinet.
I have spoken to hundreds of voters already and it is clear that there is huge dissatisfaction with politicians of all parties. I think that many voters especially Labour voters feel badly let doen by Labour. In many parts of Bury (and also Radcliffe [Bury South] where I have also campaigned this week) staunch Labour voters are complaining about different Labour policies everything from immigration to the latest budget and especially the abolition of the 10% income tax band. As many workers are paid monthly most will not have seen the impact of this measure yet and I anticipate that the feeling against Labour may increase at the end of this month once pay day has been and workers have had a chance to study their pay slips.