Ramsbottom Reselects

I attended a meeting of the Ramsbottom Conservatives last night when they reselected Councillor Barry Theckston to contest the Ward in next years local elections. Barry is a very hardworking Councillor and completely committed to helping Ramsbottom thrive and doing all he can to help the residents of Ramsbottom, Holcombe and Shuttleworth.
I have also started helping out the Bury Society for the Blind and Partially Sighted with their Christmas Wrapping service in the Millgate Centre. Two hours yesterday and another two hour session today. The way it works is that volunteers wrap up presents for people and in return the person whose presents you have wrapped make a voluntary contribution of whatever they wish towards the work of the Society. Whilst it is a bit daunting a first you soon get the hang of it and I for one certainly appreciated the training sessions I had attended.

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