Age Concern Metro Bury

I paid a visit to the headquarters of Age Concern ( or to give its full name Age Concern Metro Bury )today. The setting for Bury’s Age Concern’s main building must be one of the most peaceful and picturesque anywhere in the Country situated as it is in Clarence Park on the edge of the Lido.
I met with the Chief Officer Sue Clayton and we discussed the work of the Charity including the problems facing them as there is an ever increasing demand for their services. The charity, which covers the whole of the Metropolitan Borough of Bury relies on income from its three charity shops together with the small subscriptions and any grants it can get to keep going.
This afternoon I have had a run down to Manchester airport to drop my friend off who is jetting off to Sri Lanka to watch the England cricket team play in the first two Test matches. I hope all goes well as there were two bombs exploded in the capital yesterday as part of the Tamil Tigers continuing terrorist campaign for an idependent Tamil State.

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