Queen’s Speech

Yesterday I was able to catch most of the television coverage of the State Opening of Parliament including the whole of the Queen’s Speech itself. I always wonder what people who are not as interested in politics as I am must make of events like this. I guess most people don’t even know it is going on and if they do it will not register much. That is not to be critical, far from it, I believe it is up to politicians to interest the public in the importance of politics and we should not blame non-politicians if, because of our own failings they are not interested. Unlike in years past when the contents of the Queen’s Speech were a closely guarded secret nowadays Labour release most of it well in advance so it is little surprise that there is less media interest in it than there could be.
On Monday evening I attended a meeting of the Conservative Group on Bury Council. Yesterday evening I went over to watch Bury play my home town team of Rotherham although I did sit with one of our local Councillors in the Bury end of the ground. Bury lost 2-1.
This morning I attended a coffee morning in aid of the Royal National Lifeboat Institute. This afternoon I spent catching up on post and phone calls. This evening I have attended the Executive Committee meeting of Bury North Conservatives where we decided on our line up of Candidates for next years Local Council Elections.

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