Europe and UKIP

Following on from my speech to the Bury Industrial Society last Friday I was out last night speaking to a group of ladies from Church Ward, after I had spoken I answered the usual wide variety of questions and just as happened on Friday the issue of Europe came up despite the fact that last night I had not mentioned it at all in my speech.
There is no doubt that for many people the issue of our relationshp with the other countries of Europe is of overriding importance.
I think the main reason for the current unhappiness is that in their last General Election manifesto Labour promised a referendum on the European Constitution and now just because a few small parts of it have changed Gordon Brown and the Labour Government are breaking their promise and denying us a vote in a referendum. Labour argue that there was no referendum on the Maastricht Treaty but the fundamental difference is that we were promised a referendum. There is no wonder people are losing trust in politicians and especially Labour politicians.
I have been pleased to note that despite the fact that for some people the issue of Europe has risen up the political agenda again there has been no corresponding increase in support for UKIP in fact I was reading today that in the latest opinion poll UKIP was scoring zero per cent suggesting that hardly anyone was telling the pollsters that they intended to vote UKIP. I hope the reason for this is that those voters who do feel strongly about Europe realise that the easiest way to remove the Labour Government is to replace it with a Conservative one and voting UKIP will not achieve that aim.
On Monday night I attended a meeting of the Conservative Councillors Group on Bury Council ahead of the full Council meeting tonight. I have also been out helping our leaflet delivery team.

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