William Hague MP and Bury Market

I was fortunate this morning to be able to welcome the Right Hon. William Hague MP to Bury. Together with my colleague Councillor Michelle Wiseman the Parliamentary Candidate for Bury North we accompanied him on a tour of Bury Markets. As ever the Markets were thronged with shoppers and we met people not just from Bury but from all over the North West. William and I sampled some of the famous Bury Black Pudding which the mass of media photographers who were following us seemed to find particularly interesting! I, of course, have had it many times and I am pleased to report William enjoyed his too.

We were generally given a very good response which reinforced my view that in the Country there is a much greater willingness now to listen to what the Conservatives have to say and certainly the Gordon Brown honeymoon would seem to be over.

Published by David Nuttall

Business and Political Consultant