Laptops and Garden

With the Conference season in full swing this week has seen Labour’s annual gathering held this year in Bournemouth. Not surprisingly after a week of Labour dominating the news when an opinion poll is conducted Labour come out on top. I have to say I am surprised that newspapers have bothered to pay for polls to be done in the middle of the Coonference season. Far better to wait a week or so after the Conservative Conference and then see how the land lies.

On Thursday I joined Peter Ainsworth MP the Shadow Secretary of State for DEFRA ( Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs ) on a visit to a succcessful Bury firm that recycles old laptops and then resells them. They have constructed a Green Garden out of a wide variety recycled materials which Peter officially opened.

I have a couple of engagements today and then tomorrow Susan and I are off to what I hope will be a sunny Blackpool for our own Conservative Party Conference.

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