Is Ming too old?

As it is Lib Dem Conference week I thought I would write a few words about the Liberal Democrats. I think that they will have been fairly pleased with the coverage their conference has had. I see some commentators are suggesting that Ming Campbell has tried to position the Lib Dems back towards being equidistant from the Conservatives and Labour. If that is the case I am not too sure how successful it has been. On mamy issues issues the Lib Dems’ policy is decidedly left of centre and in some cases arguably left of Labour. Aside from policy most debate has centered on whether Ming Campbell is too old to be leader. I don’t think he is. Ronald Reagan was two years older than Ming when he became President of the USA and held the job for eight years!
Last night I attended a community meeting with the Bishop of Manchester at St. Stephen’s Church Elton.
I had pencilled in possibly going to watch Yorkshire play at Headingly but as it has been torrential rain all day so far the prospects of play were not good so I have been with Sue to the gym.