London report

I’m back from the trip to London. All went well and as far as I could tell everyone enjoyed themselves. Both Windsor and Buckingham Palace are, as you would expect, full of antiques and paintings and whilst I have no expertise in such matters it was still very interesting to wander around and see them at first hand. The restoration work at Windsor following the 1992 fire is particularly amazing.
Yesterday, I had two meetings with Party colleagues and today I have been back at work

2 thoughts on “London report

  1. Mr Harrop,
    So far I have only had time to scan through the report but it does seem to contain some very original and thought provoking ideas.
    I will wait to see which proposals the Shadow Cabinet decide to move forward with because the findings of the different Groups will have to be considered together before the final manifesto is decided on.
    The Party has launched a nationwide consultation exercise entitled Stand Up Speak Up where members of the public are encouraged to express their views. There is a link to the relevant website in the blogroll on the right under Conservative Party sites.

  2. Mr Nuttall,

    Which bits of the “blueprint for a green revolution” do you think should become Conservative Party policy…?

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