A good weekend to bury bad news?

Hi I am back from my few days away in Scarborough during which the long awaited report of the Independent Review Panel into the provision of Maternity Services in Bury has reported and upheld the original findings and Fairfield looks more likely than ever to lose its Maternity Department and Special Care Baby Unit. It is typical that the report is released on a Bank Holiday weekend. I am sure that the residents of Bury and Rossendale will now start to realise that for all Labour’s talk about improving our public services when you analyse the situation on the ground all too often the reality is very different from the rhetoric.

I am afraid the news really spoiled the last two days of my break which otherwise has been very enjoyable. The weather was very cold and windy on Wednesday but the last couple of days have been fine. For the record Yorkshire easily beat Warwickshire by an innings and 210 runs. Unfortunately this afternoon Bury have slipped to their first league defeat of the season losing 1-0 away at Wycombe.

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