Brown and Harman takeover at Labour

Well now we know, after weeks of speculation the replacement for John Prescott will be Harriet Harman. Thanks to the unnecessarily complex electoral system Labour use to elect their leaders Harriet Harman was not the first choice of most Labour MP’s and MEP’s and some of the views she has expressed during the campaign will sit uneasily alongside official Labour Party policy. Nevertheless, I wish them well in their new roles they certainly have a great deal of problems to deal with. In view of the fact that Gordon Brown has been behind some of the biggest failures of the last ten years I doubt we will see much improvement.
Over the weekend I have been out at a concert of songs performed by the Affetside Choir and today I have called in at the summer fairs at Chantlers Primary School and Bury Boys Grammar School, unfortunately the weather was anything but summery with torrential downpours interrupting proceedings on several occasions.

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One thought on “Brown and Harman takeover at Labour

  1. Oh come on David, have you taken leave of your senses again? Gordon Brown has been responsible for record sustained economic growth, low unemployment, low inflation and low interest rates for a decade now. He’s widely recognised as the most successful chacellor in British post-war economic history. George Osbourne is a complete pygmy in comparison.

    And the problem with your electoral system is that your party membership is too reliant on the blue rinse brigade who will always vote in total duffers like Duncan Smith and Cameron ahead of the real talent in your party like Clarke and Portillo. Talent just doesn’t rise in the Conservative party. It’s confined to the margins while the party is run by fools.

    And I’m afraid the political weather will continue to be “anything but summery” for you lot for some time now that Brown is PM. Interesting how you haven’t commented on Quentin Davies defecting to Labour yet. What were his words to Mr Cameron again? Oh yes: “Under your leadership the Conservative Party appears to me to have ceased collectively to believe in anything, or to stand for anything.’ Quite.

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