Conservative Clubs AGM

I spent this morning at the Association of Conservative Clubs’ Annual General Meeting held at the Renaisance Hotel in Manchester. I was seconding a motion supporting the Leader which was ( not surprisingly ) passed unanimously. It was a very enjoyable occasion with an excellent buffet lunch afterwards. There are six Conservative Clubs in Bury North and throughout the Country the network of Conservative Clubs provide an excellent resource for the Party. After we came out and Sue had insisted on a spot of retail therapy we had to pass through the assembled throng hoping to catch a glimpse of one of Bury’s most famous sons Gary Neville as he was marrying today in Manchester Cathedral. I hope he and his new wife have enjoyed the day and have a long and happy life together.

2 thoughts on “Conservative Clubs AGM

  1. I do not think any further powers should be given to the EU without the consent of the British people in a referendum. It will be interesting to see if Gordon Brown is prepared to allow a referendum!

  2. So we are to be denied a referendum on the amended EU constitution. What will we do? Mutter into our tea? Sigh?

    The French farmers would load their trailers with muck and spread it round Parliament Square.

    Why are we so supine?

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