Buy a Brick for the Chelsea Pensioners

I know that there are thousands of good causes we are always being asked to contribute to but I thought I would just urge all my blog readers to contribute to the Buy a Brick Appeal to build a new hospital for the world famous Clelsea Pensioners which has been launched this week. Their aim is to raise £38 miilion by the end of March 2008 and they have collected more than £21 million so far. I have done my little bit by buying a brick ( £5 for a brick by the way ) and if you would like to contribute you can do so so via this link to their website

Easter Report

It is Easter Monday, a Bank Holiday Monday and surprise, surprise when I went outside around a hour ago a steady fine drizzle was falling. As I am planning to stay in and catch up on piles of paperwork today I don’t mind too much but I hope the weather brightens up for all the folk who are out and about today.
I just thought I would post an update an my Easter so far.
Maunday Thursday – after leaving the office and doing the shopping for the weekend we attended a Communion and Watch service at St.Anne’s.
Good Friday – we went on a walk with a group from the Church on to Scout Moor. There were four dozen of us which slows progress a little but the weather was great and we had time to get back to the pub for a refreshing pint before making the Good Friday service.
Saturday – Sue and I went to Blackburn to see Sue’s Mum and Dad for lunch. We then had a chance to do a bit of work in the garden.
Yesterday, I had the chance to have a quick update on the latest political developments locally with Councillor Bob Bibby the Group Leader who attended the Easter Day service at St.Anne’s. Sue and I then went up to Morecambe to see my goddaughter and her new sister who is just three weeks old and Sue is to be on of her godmothers (fortunately the christening is after the local elections so it will not mean missing any campaigning).
Sue and I decided that we would have a meal out on our own at the local Indian restaurant on the way back and so the Easter break is wizzing by.
Hopefully I will be able to use what is left of Easter Monday productively.

Bury North Annual General Meeting

I attended the AGM of Bury North Conservative Association last night. The Annual General meeting gives an opportunity for all Members to attend and meet the Association Officers. The Annual Report and Accounts are presented and the officers for the following year are elected. At this years meeting the officers were re-elected and all the business was transacted very efficiently. I addressed the meeting as the Parliamentary Candidate and answered a number of questions.
On the local elections front the nominations for this years elections have now closed. In Bury North the Conservatives, Labour and the Liberal Democrats are contesting every one of the eight Wards. The BNP are fielding candidates in North Manor, Tottington. Church, Redvales and Moorside whilst there is and Independent candidate standing in East Ward.

Charity Evening

Last night I attended a Gentlemen’s Evening to raise funds for Cancer Care charities like the McMillan Nurses. I didn’t count but around 70/80 attended and by the end of the evening I understand approaching £3,000 had been raised. Held at The Fisherman’s Retreat we had excellent food and I enjoyed excellent company. My thanks go to all those involved.