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Yesterday the Conservatives’ local government election campaign in Bury was given a boost when Shadow Foreign Secretary and former Party Leader William Hague MP visited Bury. I was pleased to welcome him in Bury Town Centre and then after meeting with several of our Councillors he went on the Metrolink down to Radcliffe. We have received many high profile visitors throughout the campaign which is a sign of how important the election in Bury is. I have known William for many years as we both attended Comprehensive schools in Rotherham ( not the same one ). Our paths first crossed when I joined the Rother Valley Young Conservatives an organisation which William had been Chairman of and which I subsequently took over the Chairmanship of. William is a year older than I am and was at Oxford when I joined the Young Conservatives. He is without doubt one of the finest and most down to earth politicians in the country and we were indeed fortunate that he was able to join us.

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  1. Right mix of experience and new talent? Are you having a laugh David? Cameron’s cabinet is just full of his old mates. 15 OLD ETONIANS NO LESS. How can you honestly claim such a narrow elitist base is the right platform to run a country? It staggers me that you lot pay lip service to social inclusion when all you’re really about is upper class elitism and the end of social mobility. All you really care about is feathering your own nest.

    P.S. What experience does Boris Johnson have apart from being the editor of a Tory magazine? Oh, and not forgetting – getting sacked from The Times for making stories up and cheating on his wife. The man is a bumbling buffoon with no substance whatsoever.

  2. Steve,
    William Hague is one of the most ( if not the most ) popular MP’s in the House of Commons. There are, of course, also many newer MP’s who are rising up through the ranks of the Parliamentary Party and will become household names in the future. Under the leadership of David Cameron the Shadow Cabinet has the right mix of experience and new talent that will lead the Country in a new direction after the next General Election.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.
    David Nuttall

  3. A boost? How do you work that out? One of the problems with the Tories is that, as much as Cameron tries to pretend otherwise, people know that they haven’t changed. Hague is hardly a fresh face and represents a tired, out-of-touch vision of England that utterly failed to convince the British public. If you want to give your chances a boost why not show people that the Conservatives have some exciting new blood coming through?

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