Moorside Ward

I was out campaigning in Moorside Ward again yesterday evening. We are continuing to be lucky with the weather. It is very difficult to campaign properly if there is torrential rain coming down, last night although the sun was shining it was noticeably colder than it has been recently. We received a generally friendly welcome from most people. I still think that unfortunately the winning party will be the Apathy Party!

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  1. How can Bibby call this a ‘blog’ when he’s now taken the facility for people to add comments off his site. It’s funny how you can comment on every other Tory councillor’s blog except his. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that this man is arrogant and aloof. His letter in this week’s Bury Times confirms as much. The sooner you get a new leader the better.

  2. Dear Mr King,
    Thanks for your post.
    Can I start by just explaining that comments go into moderation for approval and although as you rightly say my policy is to allow all comment I do reserve the right to refuse to allow a post that may in my opinion result in a breach of the law or that is just purely offensive against a person or persons. The delay in comments appearing is solely down to my own time commitments.
    I am sure you will not expect me to comment on how other people choose to run their blogs that is up to them. I fully support Councillor Bob Bibby and his website attract alot of traffic. I understand that the current Leader of Bury Council does not even have a blog.
    Turning to the underlyng issue of community cohesion I believe that it is only a minority of people in this country who cause upset and difficulties to others by their behaviour. Even amongst young people ( youths as they are often referred to ) I think most are, on the whole, well behaved. The problem is the minority who are not. The causes for their behaviour are complex and I doubt they could be laid at the door of any one politician be it Tony Blair or Lady Thatcher.
    We need to foster a society where people are more respectful of each other and of other peoples property.
    David Nuttall

  3. David,

    I don’t always agree with what you have to say on this blog but I think it’s admirable that you’re able to countenance robust criticism by allowing critical remarks to appear on your site. In your case I believe you are (unlike many other politicians) actually trying to engage and build a dialogue with voters.

    Which leads me to the following question….

    How can you support the leader of Bury Conservatives, Councillor Bob Bibby, when he is clearly not interested in engaging with voters? Any critical remarks or views that challenge Conservative policies which appear on his blog are taken off straight away. How can this petty censorship pass for democracy?

    I noticed there was an interesting point on his site earlier, which questioned David Cameron’s recent remarks on community cohesion. It challenged Cameron’s view that Blair is to blame for a generation of anti-social delinquents by pointing out that Thatcher’s legacy has contributed a great deal to this. Bibby chose not to respond to this and within a short time it was taken off his site. Do you not think this petty censorship is likely to alienate voters rather than get them involved in politics?

    Yours sincerely

    Steve King

  4. Dear Floating Voter,
    I allow all comments on my blog. I have never ( so far ) refused to publish any comment. There have been many critical comments published and I have no doubt there will be many more. This is just one of many ways I will be engaging with the voters of Bury North.
    Incidentally, I will only prevent comments from appearing if they may constitute a breach of the law.
    David Nuttall

  5. ‘Always good posts on your blog?’ Hardly! Its one way propaganda. There is hardly any comments from the public. This is just window dressing and no way to engage with the electorate at all.

  6. Dear Mr Willis,
    I do not think an accurate assessment of anyone can be made on the basis of the allegations of one person. I believe I know the matter to which you refer and if it is what I believe it to be I can assure you it has nothing to do with Bury North.
    I can also assure you that the fact that Bury Council may have been “awarded an extra star” cuts no ice with the voters of Bury North.
    They see dirty streets -I walked for two hours around Redvales Ward on Monday and the state of the streets was nothing short of disgraceful – not all Labour’s fault, but they have been running Bury for 21 years so they must take some part of the blame.
    They see some youths causing havoc on a regular basis – just ask the shopkeepers in Ramsbottom.
    They see the Florence Nightingale Ward closed because of financial constraints despite billions of extra pounds being spent on the NHS.
    They see their pensions cut because of the changes to the tax system in Gordon Brown’s first budget.
    In short thousands of voters in Bury North think they have been conned by New Labour and they will make their views clear on May 3rd and at the next General Election.
    Many thanks for reading and contributing to my blog.
    David Nuttall

  7. Sadly, David, I agree that the Apathy Party may edge this one but I can’t help but feel that your party has contributed to this. The only tactic employed by Bury Conservatives has been to continually shout the council down and relentlessly criticise everything even when this is simply unjustified. Bury Council was awarded an extra star this year by the Audit Commission and yet the Tories make out it’s falling apart. It doesn’t help that you offer very little in the way of alternative solutions either. Just endless shrill criticism. And what are voters supposed to think when the leader of Bury Conservatives, Bob Bibby, is portrayed as a money-motivated control freak by a member of his own party in the Bury Times? And why hasn’t he the decency to respond to such cutting allegations? It’s all very confusing to the voter and such an unedifying spectacle that it’s no wonder most people wonder why bother.

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