Lords Reform

One of the things I hope to achieve by writing this blog is to set out how I would vote in the free votes in the House of Commons if I was a Member of Parliament. Today, the House of Commons returns to the thorny issue of House of Lords reform. Abolishing all but 92 of the Hereditary Peers was the easy bit for Tony Blair’s Government but somehow, so far, New Labour have never got around to the difficult bit – what is sometimes referred to as the second stage of the reforms. Today MP’s will be given a number of options to vote for. My view is that now that the House of Lords has been changed so radically we need to try and improve on what is there and in the 21st Century this must mean having elected Peers. I would vote for 80% elected Peers with the rest being made up of the Bishops and a small number of places available for the Party’s to appoint Life Peers much the same as happens now. I think the elected Peers should have long single terms, say 15 years with no right to serve a second term. This will mean that once elected Peers can take a long term view of matters and will not be concerned with short term electoral advantage.

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