Happy St. David’s Day

May I start today’s entry by wishing a Happy St.David’s Day to all those who celebrate this date.
Last night I attended the Special Meeting of Bury Metropolitan Borough Council which was held in order to set the budget for the coming year.
Council budgets are curious things particularly in Labour led authorities. On the one hand we are told that Council finances are in good shape and it is all thanks to Labour’s stewardship. Then we read that there are to be millions of pounds worth of cuts to Council Services. All, of course, absolutely essential and absolutely unavoidable.
The upshot of last night was that the headline rate of Council Tax will increase by 4.9%.
The Government has indicated that any increase over 5% would result in capping which is a time consuming and expensive procedure.
So for the Council Tax payers of Bury the message is simple once more you will be paying more and getting less.

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