Roman Catholics and Gay Adoption

There are few subjects guaranteed to raise as many strongly held views on either side of the argument as gay adoption. The current debate about whether Roman Catholic adoption agencies should be exempt from proposed new laws on discriminating against gays and lesbians is a classic demonstration of the problems that arise when politics and religion conflict. My view is that just as there should be tolerance of the minority of people who are gay and lesbian there should be tolerance of those whose religious beliefs prevent them from placing children for adoption with same sex couples. Tolerance must be a two way practice.

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8 thoughts on “Roman Catholics and Gay Adoption

  1. To add to the above comments – let me get this right…a sikh can refuse to wear a crash helmet because it is his relgious belief and as such is a right………..a muslim can stop work to prey, several times daily, because it is his religious belief and as such is a right……..but the catholic church has NO right to refuse to do something they beleive in??? Why? And if I remember right, not so long ago a BA employee was sent home for wearing a crucifix! Double standards, surely this is persecution of the catholic church and as such christian beliefs? Personally I do not care who makes a child’s life complete, but I think the bigger issue needs looking at, or christianity is an endangered belief system!

  2. To: David Hulme,

    NO I’ve never run a pub nor for that matter have I been to Saddleworth. I’ve been a pipe smoker for over 40 years. I’m also a keen supporter of FOREST. (The Freedom Organisation for the Right to Enjoy Smoking Tobacco). It was launched in 1979 by a former Battle of Britain fighter pilot (and pipe smoker) Sir Christopher Foxley-Norris. Legend has it that he was standing on the platform at Reading station in Berkshire, puffing on his pipe, when an old biddy (eqivalent of New Labour’s nanny state) walked up and demanded that he put it out. He was so annoyed that he decided to get a few like-minded individuals together and launch a campaign to defend smokers’ rights. The rest, as they say, is history.I too intend to carry on smoking my pipefuls of St. Bruno tobacco despite the efforts of the ‘health’ police who do their best to tell me otherwise.Why? Beacuase I enjoy smoking it.I wonder if David Cameron will ever tell the British electorate the truth about what he’s been smoking? He seemed very keen to duck a very simple question when asked about it didn’t he?

    WILL Mr Cameron reverse Labour’s policy on ‘No Smoking’ in public places if the Conservative Party does happen to win the next election. Do you know? Does anybody know? I think we should be told don’t you? Or is that diatribe?

    By the way, I do thank you for kindly warning me about the Old Original pub. If I do ever venture out to Saddleworth I’ll give the establishment a very wide berth.

  3. Just out of curiosity, are you the same Tom Harrop that is the landlord of the Old Original in Saddleworth? Are you the Tom that has firmly embraced Labour’s No Smoking policies in a bid to be the first no smoking pub in your borough? Perhaps your diatribe was a means of appeasing your conscience after you’ve showed such little tolerance for smokers in your pub!

  4. Mr Nuttall,

    The very idea that if we can just become tolerant of everyone else, we will all live together in peace and harmony. To anyone with the least bit of common sense this idea is absolute rubbish.

    On the surface, toleration sounds like a very good idea. Until you delve into the reality and the absolutes which human nature deals. This is no more obvious than religious tolerance. This is because, although each religion attempts, none has a tactical advantage in number or world political power- yet. They cannot agree with each other, or even with themselves. Isn’t tolerance just another way of ‘sitting on the fence’ if so we’ve enough of that in parliament as it is!!

  5. Mr Nuttall,

    Ask yourself one simple question; if those opposing the move were seething Muslims rather than peaceable Catholics, would the government still be spoiling for a fight?

    Of course not! They would capitulate quicker than you could say “Allahu Akbar” – as indeed they did when Muslims objected to a law banning the vile practice of forced marriage.

    In my experience militant secularists invariably lose the courage of their convictions when faced with extremist Islam. But if Muslims deserve “cultural sensitivity” and “religious tolerance”, then why not Catholics too?

    If the government can compromise over forced marriage, then why not on gay adoption? And isn’t it a sad reflection on our times that if Catholics started blowing up innocent people on our trains and buses, they would get a far more sympathetic hearing from the present government.

  6. Thanks for your comment Mark.
    I am not out of touch, I assure you.
    You raise a number of specific questions all of which I will briefly answer:
    1. I joined the Conservative Party because it stands up for freedom and free enterprise. Conservatives believe that individuals not Governments know best.
    2. I have no knowledge of the situation in Falmouth.
    3. I have never heard of John Jenkins( nor I guess will 99.99% of the rest of the population!).
    4. The point I am making about tolerance being a two way practice is that gays and lesbians quite understandably wish that other people treat them with understanding and tolerance, it is in my opinion fair and reasonable that individuals who hold different views should be treated with equal understanding and tolerance.
    5.The BNP is a registered political party and espouses essentially Socialist policies. I do not agree with the policies of the BNP.
    6. I do not sympathise with Muslim extremists.
    7. and finally yes I am saying precisely that we all need to be tolerant of gays, lesbians and those who because of their religious beliefs do not agree with homosexual practices.
    The guidance therefore that I give on this particular difficult topic is tolerance.
    Incidentally, I understand that when this issue comes before the House of Commons Labour M.P.’s will be whipped into following the Government’s official line whereas Conservative M.P.’s will be given a free vote.

  7. As someone who is considering moving to Ramsbottom I have observed your blog with interest of late. It seems you are fine when talking about trivial and banal matters such as going to the gym or the Scouting movement’s anniversary. But as soon as you try and tackle a weighty issue (as it is your responsibility) you sound every inch the fatuous, out-of-touch Tory that David Cameron would have us believe are a dying breed.
    Take this silly entry. ‘My view is that there should be tolerance of the minority of people who are gay and lesbian,’ you say. Great. So why did you join the Conservative Party? Until Labour, gays and lesbians were utter pariahs under the Tories. Your party was – and is – full of homophobes. What do you say to your colleague Ian Laws who publicly demanded the removal of a gay candidate in Falmouth last year I wonder? Do you also remember John Jenkins having to resign from the party last year for saying gays had a ‘medical mental condition’?
    This is, of course, not your fault. I would just like to remind you that the Tories are not a progressive, tolerant party as you may believe.
    On your other point: ‘tolerance is a two way practice’. What exactly does that mean? Do you have tolerance for the views of the BNP? Or perhaps you sympathise with Muslim extremists’ views on bringing jihad to the West – in the name of religion? No, of course you don’t. So please don’t make fatuous remarks about a difficult issue just to please Catholic voters. Are you saying that you tolerate gays and lesbians but equally tolerate people who think they are going to hell?
    Like many people I look to politicians like you for guidance through difficult issues. I just find it exasperating when all they can offer is glib, no-brainer suggestions.

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