Back to work…….

Like the rest of the Country ( Scotland I believe excepted ) it was back to work today. Work for me at the moment is being a Consultant Solicitor to the firm which acquired my Solicitors practice in November of last year. Consultant just means that I am not a partner in the firm and consequently in I am not involved as I was for the past 20 years in the running of the firm.

The first day back is always busy with everyone catching up on developments over the holiday period and today was no exception.

I have noticed a new phenomenon in recent times of Labour politicians blaming someone else when policies that the Labour Government has put in place turn out to be unpopular. Locally in Bury we have seen this with the planned closure of the maternity facilities at Fairfield. Now it seems throughout the country Labour M.P.’s are protesting about N.H.S. cuts which their own Government have caused. I was happy therefore to join my colleague from Bury South Councillor Michelle Wiseman in despatching a letter to the local press today pointing this out.

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