Local Area Partnership meeting

On Monday evening I attended a meeting of the Ramsbottom, North Manor and Tottington Local Area Partnership held at Tottington Methodist Church. Various reports were given including an update on the children’s centre and the latest crime statistics from the police.

Yesterday I joined in with some doorstep canvassing when as usual there were more people out than in but those we did find in were more than happy to chat. You can never draw conclusions from just one session of canvassing but from all the canvassing done in recent weeks it does seem that peoples views about the parties are beginning to crystallise and many people who gave the benefit of the doubt last time to Tony Blair do seem reluctant to support Labour again. I suspect that many of those who say they are undecided will probably not vote at all. We know from the last election that around one third of those eligible to vote chose not to do so.

Yesterday afternoon in between taking three blind and partially sighted persons to their social afternoon at Walshaw Sports Club I attended the funeral of the father of Khalid Hussain the Conservative Candidate in Redvales Ward who had sadly passed away on Sunday. I spoke to Khalid who whilst naturally very upset was comforted by the fact that his father had not suffered.

This morning in addition to attending morning Communion Sue and I took CeeCee to the V.E.T.’s for his booster injection. At lunchtime I attended a meeting of the Rotary Club of Bury where as the scheduled speaker was unable to attend I stood in at the last minute and spoke on the subject of the working of polling companies. This afternoon after a meeting with my agent I have been out helping with our leaflet deliveries.


Crikey, I can’t believe it is a week since I was driving back from Brighton.

I have had a very busy few days with campaigning events, campaign planning meetings and several AGM’s. By a strange quirk of the diary I have had cause to attend five different Annual General meetings in the last few days. First up was the Annual Meeting of Bury Conservatives which we held down in Prestwich this year. All the officers were re-elected and the meeting was concluded with two speeches from myself and then my colleague Councillor Michelle Wiseman the Candidate for Bury South.

On Tuesday evening I attended the Annual General Meeting of Tottington St.John’s Cricket Club where I was re-elected as President. It is very enjoyable to attend non-political meetings and there is so much going on at the Cricket Club at the moment not least of which was the change of the name of the Club to Tottington Sports Club to reflect the fact that the club now embraces a Ladies RoundersTeam. Sensibly, in my view, the cricket team will continue to be known as Tottington St. John’s.

On Wednesday I was invited to attend the Annual General Meeting of the Bury North Conservative Ladies Committee. The Ladies Committee do an excellent job organising various fundraising events throughout the year which go towards paying for the running costs of the Association.

Yesterday, I was asked, in my capacity as President, to Chair the Annual General Meeting of the North West Regions Conservatives at Work organisation. The meeting was held in Morecambe and fortuitously was on the same day as the Morecambe and Lunesdale Conservative Association’s AGM so as I was up there anyway I was able to call in. Although it is ten years since I was their Candidate there are still many people who remember me (although I am pleased to say there were also several new faces who I did not recognise!).

Back from Brighton

Phew! It has been a very busy last 36 hours. I attended the final day of the Conservatives’ Spring Forum in Brighton yesterday and was in the Hall to watch and listen to David Cameron’s unscripted speech which was very impressive. Incidentally, it is noticeable how many front line politicians are now able (and willing) to make speeches without notes these days. We had a good run back up from the South coast without hitting any traffic jams.

Today, I have been over to Sheffield where among other things I visited my father and installed his wireless broadband connection. Back to Bury and then I attended the Annual General Meeting of Bury Conservatives which was held in Prestwich this year. Fortunately the meeting was not too protracted as I then had to attend a meeting of the Church Officers at St. Anne’s back in Tottington. Tomorrow I am back on the campaign trail with a day of leafletting and canvassing.