A big thank-you to all of you who took the time and trouble to either vote by post or go out and vote in person in the elections yesterday. The weather was warm and dry and I am sure this encouraged a few more voters to exercise their democratic right.

I commented after a recent visit to Radcliffe West that the result there might be quite close. It was – the Conservative Candidate was just nine votes behind in what has up to now always been regarded as a safe Labour seat. So congratulations to the winning Labour Councillor and commiserations to Samantha Davies who worked very hard and by all accounts fought an excellent campaign.

Vote Conservative June 4th


Tomorrow is the last National set of elections before the next General Election. It is a once in a five year chance to choose who will represent us in the European Parliament. Britain needs change and tomorrow provides everyone with an opportunity to vote for that change. The most powerful message will be a high Conservative vote. Gordon Brown will simply brush aside votes cast for the minor parties as being no more than a protest vote.

Yesterday I did several media interviews in the wake of the announcement by the present M.P. for Bury North that he will not be standing at the next election. In the evening I attended a meeting of the Bury West Local Area Partnership and then a meeting of the Committee at Tottington St. John’s Cricket Club where I serve as their President.

Expenses revelations

The current M.P. for Bury North has announced this morning that he will not be standing again for Labour at the next General Election.

I believe that most people in the Constituency will think that this is the correct decision. This news is further proof, if any were needed, that the Labour Government is in complete disarray. Labour’s desperate activities are tantamount to shuffling the deckchairs on the Titanic.

The people of Bury North want real change, not just a change of Labour Candidate. That change can only be brought about by a General Election and the sooner Gordon Brown stops dithering and finds the bottle to call one the better.