The Pound and the G20

I think the Shadow Chancellor George Osborne MP was absolutely right to point out that the recent slide in the value of the pound has been as a direct result of the fact that under Labour our Country has simply been spending more and borrowing more than it can afford. He is right to point out that if Labour carry on in the same direction with yet more borrowing then the likely result is that the value of streling will fall even further.

This weekend has seen the leaders of the twenty largest countries – the so called G20 – meeting in Washington USA to discuss the economic crisis. Too little, too late is my view. I doubt that any of us will notice any improvement in our financial position as a result of the meeting just a talking shop. It occured to me that if the G20 Leaders are so concerned about global warming surely they could have had the same discussions via a global video conference much cheaper and more efficient.

This past week I have been busy with the campaign. I attended a coffee morning in Fusiliers Court on Tuesday. I did some leafletting and had various meetings with Party officials at our Regional headquarters in Salford.

Remembrance Day

poppy4Yesterday Sue and I attended the Civic Remembrance Day service in Bury. We started with the Parade from the Town Hall to the War Memorial outside the Parish Church and there was then a formal Service of Remembrance inside the Parish Church. When we left the Church it was raining hard and it continued hroughout the March Past where the Mayor took the Salute and throughout the Parade back so we were all glad of the hot soup available on our return to the Town Hall. In the afternoon we attended the Parade and Service in Tottington and in the eveving we attended the evensong and roll call service at St.Anne’s Tottington which is always a very poignant and moving service.

Coffee Mornings

Lutyens Memorial

Lutyens Memorial

On Friday morning I attended a coffee morning in aid of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution held at the Masonic Hall in Parsons Lane in Bury. There were lots of Christmas gifts and cards for sale and I suddenly realised that it is time I started to do some planning for Christmas. I have noticed that Susan has already started and a small pile of Christmas cards she has written has already appeared in the lounge.

On Saturday I went to another coffee morning organised by the newly formed Friends of the Lutyens Memorial Group. They want to try and retain the Memorial at its present site in front of the old Barracks on Bolton Road. The advertised light refreshments turned out to be excellent sandwiches and a wide variety of cakes and snacks. No need for lunch. For the second day running I managed to draw the raffle without drawing out one of my own tickets. In the afternoon much as I would have liked to go to the football and watch Bury play Gillingham I stayed at home and manged to get done quite a lot of very urgent jobs that needed attention, not least of which was tidying my study.

Church Ward Dinner

David at Church Ward Dinner

David at Church Ward Dinner

On Thursday evening I attended the annual Church Ward dinner which was held in the restaurant at Bury College. The meal this year had a Spanish theme and on the whole the food was very good. ( the only real problem area was the potato wedges which came with my main course – they were far too overcooked and inedible). It was especially good when one realises that the chefs are students and who knows from among their number could come the next television celebrity chef. I chatted to several of the students and I was very impressed with their dedication and enthusiasm for their chosen career.

Full Council on Bonfire Night

On Wednesday evening I attended the full meeting of Bury Council. After the recent “Full up” signs during the debates on pay and regrading the public gallery was back to a more usual number – 3.

The main debates were on extending Disability Living Allowance for Blind Persons which was moved by Councillor Yvonne Wright (Con. Tottington) and on the problems caused by the current economic recession. Both motions received support from all three parties.

It was perhaps appropriate as the Council was meeting on 5th November that the Report from Outside Bodies this time was from the Fire Authority and Councillor Jack Walton (Con. Church Ward) gave a full and comprehensive report.

The Next President of the USA

Overnight the people of America have voted for Senator Barack Obama to be their next President. David Cameron MP, Leader of the Conservative Party commented as follows:
“In electing Barack Obama, America has made history and proved to the world that it is a nation eager for change. This has been an exciting and inspirational contest with two great candidates. In these difficult times people everywhere are crying out for change. Barack Obama is the first of a new generation of leaders who will deliver it – he has my whole-hearted congratulations. This is an important moment not just for America but for the world. Barack Obama’s victory will give people a new opportunity to look at the United States and see her for what I believe she is – a beacon of opportunity, freedom and democracy.”

CeeCee Training and Group Meeting

Last night Sue and I took CeeCee to another of his dog training class. He is making progress. AS I may have said before the task is as much about training us as the dog! The classes are run by the Elton Dog Training Club and I have to say I have been enormously impressed by their professionalism and enthusiasm.
After the class I went to the Conservative Group meeting at the Town Hall where the main business was a discussion of the business before the full Council meeting tomorrow.