I think one of the most crucial elements of politics is “trust”. Voters need to be able to trust politicians even if they do not agree with them. One of the greatest problems in recent years has been that voters are turned off the wole political process because quite simply they do not believe ie trust any politicians. It can be argued that the roots of this cynicism can be blamed on all the major parties.
This week we have seen the issue of MP’s pay raised once more and with it the issue of their expenses. Apparently MP’s are allowed to claim up to £250 without providing a receipt. Now this would not be aproblem if the public trusted their elected representatives. I can see there are strong arguments for saying it would not be cost effective to remove this de minimis limit but I wonder if removing it might increase the trust public have in MP’s.
It had end to end sometime and Bury’s great FA cup run has finally ended with their 2-0 defeat at Southampton. It has been a great effort this season especially after the huge disappointment and, I believe, injustice of last season when Bury were thrown out of the FA cup.