Off to the Palace!

Well only to visit of course! I am up early to set off with a group of local Party members on a weekend trip the Association has organised to visit Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace.
Yesterday, I attended an Afternoon Tea and Talk organised the Bury Ladies Lifeboat Guild. The talk was about the tours undertaken by the small cruise company Hebridean Cruises which by a strange coincidence HM The Queen and members of the Royal family used last year.

National Citizen Service

I was over in Bolton Yesterday afternoon for the launch of David Cameron’s policy proposal for a National Citizen Service. The launch was held at the new gym Amir Khan is building and David Cameron was joined at the launch by Amir.
The basic idea is that the next Conservative Government will create a six week national programme for all school leavers. It’s aim will be to help young people make the transition to adulthood with a sense of purpose, optimism and belonging, instilling the values of self-respect and social responsibility.
The Party has published the outline of the proposals details of which can be found by clicking here.

Council Meeting 5th Sept.

I am back from a few days working over in Morecambe. It has been great to catch up with friends and see our two god-daughters.
Last night I attended the Bury Council meeting where the main debate was on a Labour motion about Regional Assemblies. Conservatives have pledged to abolish them and after the spectacular failure of Labour in the Referendum held in the North East it appears Labour have now realised that there is no realistic prospect of convincing people that yet another tier of local Government is needed.

Politics: Normal Service Resumes

As September begins, so does the new political year. Already as the Party Leaders return from holiday we have seen a number of big set piece speeches, interviews and major newspaper articles.
We also have the speculation about an early General Election. With a working majority and nearly three years left before Gordon Brown is required to call a General Election I think if he does call an Election for this autumn many people will be asking themselves what bad news is around the corner?
I am presently spending a few days at our flat in Morecambe on a working holiday although this morning Susan and I attended the funeral of a neighbour in Morecambe who had recently passed away.
I am using the time away to try and complete several campaign items I am working on. I am also travelling back to Bury for meetings this week. The first is a meeting this evening of the Conservative Group on Bury Council ahead of Wednesday’s full Council meeting.