Last night after a meeting with my colleague Councillor Michelle Wiseman who is the Parliamentary Candidate for Bury South I was invited to attend the meeting of the Conservative Group on Bury Council. Our main topic of debate was the Council finances for the next year. I have been observing the Labour Party in local Government for many years now and I never cease to be amazed at the way that every year new savings can always be found to meet whatever the latest budget deficit is – despite the fact that 12 months earlier we are always told that there are no more savings to be made ( hence last year the Lowry painting had to be sold ).

Cameron and cannabis

The biggest story of the Sunday papers has been the “revelation” that David Cameron had been involved with canabis when he was at school. I guess most peoples reaction will be the same as mine so what? It was a long time ago ( over a quarter of a century by all accounts ) and should not now preclude him from seeking the highest elected office in the land. As for me have I ever dabbled with drugs as they say? The answer is quite simple – NO. I do not even take paracetemol and the like.


I have been to the Cinemas this evening which is not something I do often but Sue and I went to the Cinema in Pilsworth to see the UK premiere of a film called Shadowboxer starring Helen Mirren. The screening was organised by Bury FC to raise some extra funds. All I will say about the film is that it is not Certificate 18 for nothing!!

About Turn

Last night I attended the full meeting of Bury Metropolitan Borough Council at Bury Town Hall. At the start there were just four members of the public present (plus, unusually, a baby who occasionally enlivened proceedings by briefly, making the type of noise babies do).
The main source of interest was the consideration of a proposal that Bury Council contributes £120,000 towards the costs of emplying a Town Centre Manager who would promote the Town Centre and in particular the new development on The Rock. Whilst the Conservative Group felt that the job may well need doing, in view of the present financial situation they proposed that the decision which had already been made by Labour be reveresed by Full Council and sent back for reconsideration by the Labour Executive who run the Council. At the Scrutiny Committee meeting on Monday the single Liberal Democrat had voted with the Conservatives to support the plan to have this proposal considered at Full Council. To the surprise of many last night the six Liberal Democrats did an about turn and all voted with Labour so this proposal will now go ahead.

Accession Anniversary Service

On Sunday I attended a special service marking the Anniversary of the Accession of the Queen which falls on 6th February. Today I have been at work and then went to a meeting of our Councillors and Council Candidates at Bury Town Hall ahead of the full Council meeting on Wednesday.

Bird Flu H5N1

Crikey! it is getting closer It has spread to Suffolk and my brother lives in Norfolk so it is getting close to home. Should we worry? Well my view is that there is no point worrying about the things that you cannot change and as I have no control whatsoever over where Bird Flu will pop up next it is best not to worry about. I was out for a meal last night and I didn’t think twice before ordering chicken. My guess though is that it will not be long before papers are carrying stories about fears of a slump in poultry sales!


I was down in London again yesterday meeting one of our M.P’s.
Fortunately the travel arrangements went far more smoothly than they did last time and after my business had finished I was able to meet a friend for a meal and then return so I was back home by 10.20 – all by public transport too.