IPSA Expenses

All MP’s expenses are now handled by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority.

There are strict rules which govern what expenses MP’s are allowed to claim re-imbursement for.

IPSA makes public all expenses claims on its website which can be accessed here

3 thoughts on “IPSA Expenses

  1. I would be interested in your comments on the shredding of MP’s expenses, and what action the head of our government David Cameron is going to take on this despicable and illegal action by John Berscow who oversaw this act. As someone who voted for the Conservatives in the last General Election and subsequent local elections, how can I and the public have any faith in the honesty of elected MP’s who think that they are above the law and not accountable to the audit procedures for expenses whilst representing the public in their official capacity of MP?. This country is beginning to act more and more like the corrupt nations of third world countries, ducking and diving serious failings in nearly every sector-child abuse scandals, expenses fiddling, serious failings within the NHS, the ridiculous situation with open borders and illegal immigrants crossing into the UK and then disappearing off the radar, I am sick and tired of the well worn comment “lessons will be learned” being trotted out time and time again, only for the same issue to raise it’s head a few months later and show that nothing has changed. At a time when a young boy selling poppies is attacked at a bus stop in full view of people, and the comment from the police is the perpetrator looked as if he had been drinking/was drunk is their take of the situation. I can honestly say that I am ashamed to be British, and the “Great” in our title should be removed, nothing is great in this country anymore. I lived through the “sixties” as a teenager, and people thought that was a decadent era (my parents and their peers), but our society is totally out of control, morals have all but disappeared, people cheat the benefit system and are almost rewarded for doing so with the ridiculous sentences handed out by our judiciary, we are ridiculed by other nations, our government tiptoes around serious issues so they do not offend anyone. Do not play the voters for fools by underestimating what we will do in May 2015, you may be in for a shock. My next door neighbour was growing cannabis in his house, the police acted on a tip off and raided the house, he was released on bail and has since disappeared, after leaving the landlord with thousands of pounds worth of damage and 8 months of hell for us as neighbours in their 60’s feeling intimidated. THIS is the society I live in, I have lived in the Tottington/Ramsbottom area since 1973 and this is the reality of a once decent area to live in. Ramsbottom is just one of many areas that is in decline all over the UK.

    • This story relates to the old system and does not affect the present scheme run by IPSA. When I practised as a Solicitor there were strict rules governing the length of time documents had to be kept for and my view is that these records should be kept accordingly. I trust you will be voting Conservative at the next General Election as we continue to take the difficult decisions necessary to enable our Country to live within its means.

  2. The old system which was still pending investigation for improper claiming of expenses for some MP’s which of course now will not be able to be investigated, unless, the information held by some newspapers is deemed acceptable. I understand that these are electronic copies of expenses. I always understood that expenses had to be kept for 7 years under the guidance of the Inland Revenue, this is the procedure we followed for a business that ceased trading 12 months ago, after taking advice from the company accountant and the relevant tax office (in case of any investigation of employees’ tax). I would have surmised that an MP being a public elected servant would be no different than any other employed individual and as such subject to scrutiny. Do you not think that the general consensus will be suspicious because these expenses forms have been destroyed? Westminster seems to be very adept at covering things up of late, and also of “loosing” things on a recurring basis. As for voting Conservative in the next general election, the only way I will vote Conservative is if David Cameron pulls us out of Europe BEFORE the next election, as too many lies have been spouted to appease the angry voters, and unfortunately that has a knock on effect on local MP’s such as yourself, who I have voted for, for many years, and I know your record speaks for itself, you work hard for the local people of the community. BUT, we need a government that listens to the people, and as a group the Tories have chosen to ignore the majority for too long. The biggest mistake David Cameron made was the coalition with the Liberal Democrats, Cameron has let the idiot Clegg ride roughshod all over the party and conservative policies. He should have called for an immediate General Election to get a majority, but he did not have the conviction or the courage that he would win (he would have, because the voters were sick of labour).

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