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  1. I note that you are trying to relax the smoking ban. I would like to tell you of my annoyance with this ban. I run a small village pub The Black Prince in Gwent. Most of my regulers are 60plus years of age and having spent most of their lives down the pitts breathing in all kinds of dust, soot and muck they are retired and their simple pleasures in life now is a pint and a smoke. You have no idea what it like to watch these men have to go outside in all weathers just to have a smoke. Tom my oldest customer is 83 and has smoked all his life and now he has to sit outside my pub in sometimes freezing conditions risking phnomonia and christ knows what else type of exotic flu just for his little pleasure of smoking surely this cant be right.let the lawmakers explain to me how this law is workink to protect the health of the nation

  2. Smoking ban-social engineering with devastating results.Every pub lost, means a home gone and loss of largely womens and students employment.The habit of budgeting for a couple of nights in convivial atmosphere now replaced,for same cost,by 2/3 bottles of Scotch drunk steadily every night ,silently in the home. i am seeing this increasingly(work out these new health costs!)The critical mass of older drinkers influencing by example young people-gone.Smokers give up on THEIR PUB ,friends follow ,drugs move in,more regulars disappear, choas and squalor, pub closes .Loss of pubs ,i believe has been a factor in binge drinking-instead of meeting in the pub prior to night out easier to drink in someones house where you can smoke and get’tanked up’then head for town.Impact on social clubs of ban-devastating- loss to community and loss of jobs especially in entertainment culture in these establishments. What a disaster the ban has been.M.OToole,sociologist social observer and non-smoker.(where are all the old ,familiar faces?)

  3. I cannot understand why the people of this country accept any rule the government care to throw at us, what’s happened to freedom of choice. I think we are the only country which is sticking to this ban. Gibraltar supposedly under “British rule” sell food in pubs and you can have a cigarette while eating your meal if you wish. with our weather this rule was an absolute disaster for the pub trade, they tried to say pubs were closing because of the economy, what nonsense, obviously if we had a referendum smoking would be brought back in but it is the same as capital punishment it wont be brought back. let the people decide not these !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Here is another thought, less pubs less policing, thats what they want, people to sit at home.

    • Freedom of choice means we all should be able to choose to breathe fresh air, should be able to eat a meal tasting the food rather than the noxious fumes of neighbouring diners, and should be able to bring up our children with healthy, unpolluted lungs. That’s why there’s a ban.
      The freedom of one person to smoke curtails the freedom of hundreds. Does that seem balanced?

      • There is not such a thing as freedom of choice as the way we all think and behave is controlled by nature and nurture.

        If you want unpolluted lungs it is best to leave mother earth if and when you can.

  4. tonight watching nothwest tonight i saw way the welfair state wants reform one woman 4 kids and she gets 30000 per year it is disgusting. when people working hard are lucky to get 15000 peryear it all wants stopping .
    if you hanent payed in you should not draw out only if you ars very disabled

    bernard currie

  5. Dear Mr Nuttall

    Now that Fairfield Maternity Unit is officially going close what do you intend to do about it!! You said the Conservatives would maintain it(A false promise).I suppose your reply will be ” due to the state of the country that Labout left us in we have to make cuts” Well Mr Nuttall that wont wash with the people of Bury.
    I suggest now that you should resign your seat and let the people of Bury vote for what we NEED to keep ther unit open because this closure will cost lives and god help this goverment if anything should happen to any of my grandchildren and due to the longer travelling put of us all.

    Can I remind you of quotes from your page
    “”Andrew Lansley has reviewed the latest figures for the number of births across Greater Manchester and today said “If I am Secretary of State for Health after the election Maternity and Children’s Services will be maintained at Fairfield and I will ensure this happens. In the long term there will be no change to this without the consent of G.P.’s in and around Bury who will in our reforms be responsible for commissioning local services”.

    The choice for voters in Bury North is clear: Vote Labour and these services will be axed from Fairfield. Vote Conservative and if there is a Conservative Government the Maternity Department will be kept open.””

    R Culley Bury


    R Culley

    • Dear Mr Culley,
      The decision this week was taken by NHS officials. I totally disagree with the decision. I still believe that the NHS should respond to the wishes of local people and I can not believe that a town the size of Bury does not warrant a Maternity Department.

      • Mr Nuttall, I note your response saying that you have signed this petition, thank you for that. Would you be prepared to step out into the public eye and campaign on behalf of local residents in light of this? After all, you are the MP for Bury North

    • Dear Mr Nuttall,

      Further to the post of ‘R Culley’ I would like answers with regards to the Maternity services you promised the people of Bury you would save. You have not fulfilled your promises to the people, promises that would have ultimately have saved lives.
      Your profiteering tactics to enter into Parliament on the back of an empty promises will not stand up at the next election, the people of Bury North believed that you would save the services you promised to save, a promise you not only failed to keep but did so as soon as you entered Parliament.
      The people of this town deserve answers and an apology,

      Yours Sincerely,

      Mr C Barrett

      • Mr C Barrett please could you explain what you mean by ‘profiteering tactics?’
        Do we have yet another self serving MP on our hands?

  6. AMG – firstly apologies for the late reply.

    Mr Nuttall promised the people of Bury that he would SAVE maternity services before the general election. After that election he has gone back on that promise. Do you not believe that this was used as a campaign tool, that Mr Nuttall might actually provide what the people want? Only for Mr Nuttall to go back on his promises the week he entered parliament…

  7. i feel compelled to write, ( i live in suffolk and the Con’ party isn’t my first choice ) but i must say well done, just seen you on BBC24 in Parliament with your speach about the EU REFERENDUM DEBATE, very well put and i see you and others have some common sense,
    i thank you and others from all in the house and the voters who signed a pettion.

  8. I listened to your introductory speech in the H C today. Please do not give up if your attempt this time is not successful.
    T V Perrott

  9. Having been shopping Manchester recently and finding the temperature in vritually every store unbearable, I have come up with a great idea that could save the country millions on the Nation’s energy bill.
    Within each business a member of staff is appointed as Energy Monitor as part of their duties – in a similar way to that of the First Aider (and maybe given a small salary increase as recompense). This person will record the daily temperatures and meter readings within the building and advise management on thermostat control. Perhaps one-day courses could be set up nationally to train such people and maybe inspectors could visit occasionally and give tax incentives.
    I, in fact, do this myself in my home during the cold winter periods and see evidence of savings made.

    • Hi,

      Well as always I will wait to see how accurate the speculation is before reaching a conclusion but in general I am not in favour of Government intervention in the free market without good reason.


  10. Perhaps if I asked the question in a different way so there is no need to see whether the speculation is accurate or not – because all I wanted was your view, as Bury’s representative, on the precise issue. That is – do you support regulation to enforce a minimum price at which alcohol is sold ? Simple yes or no would suffice.

  11. Dearb David,
    People say the smoking ban is here forever, the debate is over. This, in my view is totally wrong for this is a law that discriminates against 25% of the population, breeds open hatred of a minority faction, open verbal and physical abuse toward smokers, denormalisation, stigmatisation etc – and all this in a so called democratic country.
    David, may I ask the simple question as to why there is no freedom of choice? Do non smokers HABVE to enter a smoking pub? Do non smoking staff/those that dislike smoke HAVE to work in a smoking pub?
    At present, licesees have no option but to be non smoking but 80% want choice as they have seen their annual turnover disintegrate in the face of this evil ban. Reliable people have assessed the costs to this country thus far at £19bn-just how much more good money (that we can’t afford) are we going to throw after bad?

  12. I have just received my letter from HMRC informing me that our Child Tax Credits are to stop from April 2012. So overnight £45 is cut from our monthly budget. This isn’t beer money or take away money this is money for our children. This government decide to change a limit penalising who? The wealthy? No. Those with expendable income? No. How do you justify these actions, penalising hard working families? Apparently we are “All in this together !” Really, are we? So with the cost of things rocketing in price under this government, food, fuel, heating, electricity and everyday family necessecities, things that we CAN’T do without (having cut all non essentials already) we have to stomach another cut from this’ in it together’ government. Why do the hardworking families get the ‘little’ help we currently get cut or can I say ‘taxed’ and others keep their bonuses and credits?

    • You do see the irony in the fact that you call them ‘bonuses’ and ‘credits’ don’t you? You shouldn’t have had children if you can not afford to raise them without all this help. It is so annoying for those without children to see you getting free money, just because your reproduced. You should be grateful you live in a country that has been handing out money for so long. What right do you think you have to demand the free money to keep coming?

      • Laura: perhaps you should discreetly enquire into other people’s personal circumstances and financial histories before condemning them. I certainly find your insults to be deeply offensive, and they detract from your opinion. The circumstances behind having children are as varied as those behind not having them, and are no excuse for your attack.

  13. Dear Mr Nuttall,

    I wish to thank you publicly for your prompt and courteous reply to my email asking about your views on redefining marriage. I am glad that we agree that marriage is the union of one man and one woman and should not be redefined.

    Mrs Glenys Chew

      • Laura: I quote from Wikipedia: ” The word homophobia first appeared in print in an article written for the May 23, 1969, edition of the American tabloid Screw, in which the word was used to refer to heterosexual men’s fear that others might think they are gay.”

        I don’t have that fear. But I do respect my Lord God’s opinion on the subject. He made us male and female, to learn about our relationship with Him, to have children, and to reflect certain truths about Him in the state of marriage. Please don’t blame Him that five millennia of our refusing to be the way we were made has distorted what we’re taught about Him. Thank you.

      • Lack of equal rights for same sex couples in this country is a travesty, quoting the bible as @Dei Gratia has done below does not belong in politics. Especially as commonly the people quoting this don’t seem to understand the context it was written in, and like to ignore the rest of Leviticus. I am now wishing for a conservative government in Westminster, but can not in good conscience vote for David Nutall. If you look at his voting record you’d guess it was Nigel Farage. So now I am left in an awkward position of hoping for a Labour victory in Bury North, and a Conservative victory nationwide!

  14. Hello Mr Nuttall,
    I read with some dimay this morning of the governments plans regarding the new ‘not even slightly stealthy’ alcohol tax. I then went to work where it was certainly the burning topic of the day. Now I seriously doubt any of my co-workers are involved in pre-loading binge drinking at 0100 around Bury town centre as they are (in the main) mid thirties to fifties sensible married people with children & a mortgage, and in this present financial climate, given 10% rises in utility bills and an annual pay rise of less than a half of inflation for the 6th year running they cannot afford to go out any more. I doubt they are unique in that.
    They (seemingly universally) do though, like to go home after work & sort dinner out & get children to bed & then relax with a well earned couple of cans or bottle of wine. Lead brick doesn’t even begin to sum up this legislation. In the course of my day I talked to process operatives, office staff, managers and 1 director (who was furious).
    The consensus was that this was the most ill thought out, badly targeted, blatent tax grabbing in living memory. Prevention & cure are all well & good but this is pure prevention which has no chance whatsoever of working. The targetted (trouble causing) section of the population doubtless live in the family home & couldn’t care less about cost. The rest of us bear the burden.
    Given the demographics of the diverse group of people I spoke to (about 300 in all) & the adverse reaction that I recieved, this amounts to a major problem for your coallition come election time. On a personal note, I don’t go out much myself anymore as I also can’t afford to. But I suffer from heartburn & find that 2 glasses of wine works far better than £4 worth of Zantac – & is also cheaper.

    Not sure if I’ll get a considered reply, but
    Thanking you in anticipation

  15. David,

    My brother has MS and has been claiming ESA since he was made redundant. He has applied unsuccessfully for scores of jobs. He was told that his ESA would stop as he had received it for over a year, but he could apply for an income based allowance. He has done this, but as his wife works 20 hours a week, earning £160, they have been disallowed this. His wife is working as many hours as she is able due to illness. They have 2 children, so receive child benefit, but have been told that their tax credits will be stopping.
    How can this is right? He would gladly try any job he was given the chance to try. Due to his illness he cannot spend all day sat down, or stood up! I have never seen him so depressed, which isn’t a good frame of mind to be in as a job hunter. He is waiting to hear if he can get a reduction in his council tax, but even with that, with the increased cost of living, he has no idea how he will make ends meet. They are a proud family, and so careful with the money they have, and it is heartbreaking to see them in this situation.
    Yes, we may have needed our welfare and benefits system changing, but this is an example of just how damaging the governments changes can be. I am also aware that there are a lot of people worse off than them. It leaves me feeling quite ill.

  16. I want ONE good reason why the government is cutting back on the armed forces? Surely with so many unemployed its totally absurd to add to the figure by laying off so many regiments? They are abroad fighting wars they did not even start and all for queen and country just to have one giant boot and probably an email saying you’r layed off! My own son was in the Army as a medic its all he ever wanted to be surely with all they do for us keeping us safe on a daily basis warrants keeping them NOT being thrown aside??? You’r house of lords have been all over the news for money some people claimed for eg: gardeners, decorating, rents for houses they did NOT even live at and god knows what else but that was ok when most of us in UK are struggling to survive . How can you justify getting rid of the forces and leave us wide open to terrorism which I fear will happen with ALL the cutbacks government want. I dont feel safe anymore and I DONT trust anyone from the government I will never vote again because it seems all you do is take of number one and disgard men and women that have fought without question when they are ordered to and many have died in the process I just get so angry .You get paid more than them on a yearly basis and you never have worry of what they have You should all feel ashamed for how you treat them!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you all sleep at night!

  17. Dear Mr Nuttall

    You are quoted “David Nuttall, Conservative MP for Bury North, said: “Someone either in Locog [the Games organiser] or G4S is utterly incompetent.””

    Sadly, the majority of taxpayers in this country will think you are wrong.

    There are people in BOTH Locog AND G4S who are utterly incompetent.

  18. Hi David
    Could you please raise in the parliament the masacare of Burma Muslims. As you may know that thousands of Muslim men, women, and young children are shot on daily basis and yet no news on either TV or papers. I have been asked by the Bury muslim community to bring it to your kind attention.
    Kind regards
    Mr Liaqat Ali Chairman Islamic Centre & mosque, Bury mobile 07877196526

  19. As a serving police officer living on this borough and serving the public of Greater manchester, I wish to thank you personally for finally making me realise that what I do for a living is no longer a vocation but just a JOB, without the rights of employment and redress afforded to yourselves and other employees.
    Thank you for reminding me why your party has always and will always serve it’s own and paymasters interests and damn the general tax paying public. whilst i appreciate times are hard, we would seem not to be ‘all in it together’ as I have not seen any major reforms in your pay and conditions or your handsome pension rights or closing of tax loopholes and pursuit of tax avoidance by the elite, mega rich ,corporations and institutions.
    whilst I appreciate it is not in your interests to publish all your expenses (just those you have to declare) or to highlight to the press and others your pay and conditions when it is more effective to alienate the police service who have caused several MP’s embarrassment by acting without fear or favouratism to uphold the laws of this country to which you and your peers are accountable, it is with great sorrow that I now find that all the extra unpaid hours, blood sweat and tears I have put into keeping the proverbial wheel on has been for nought as this goverbment has and continues to undermine the office of constable by labelling us one and all as ujnfit for purpose, overpaid with golden pensions who are lazy and unmotivated and then to add insult to injury appoint Mr Winsor as head of HMIC when it is patently obvious to all that he has no vested interest in the successful running of the police and to appoint a minister arrrested by the police as the Policing minister just goes to show the utter contempt you have for this service.
    Patently mine is one of 7000 families in greater manchester whom the conservative party will no longer be able to count upon for support.

  20. I have just received a letter from bury council, informing me that my council tax is being increased by 150%, all because my house as been unoccupied for over two years. My house has been empty for over two years because I can’t afford the repairs to make it livable, I am currently a member if the British forces and bought the property for sinewhere to live, for when I finish my 22 years service. Can you explain the justice in this? I am a hard working, claiming no benefits and have two children under five, I still go out to serve in Afghanistan and anywhere else the government chooses to send me and still you penalise me this way, so again I am asking you to explain why???


  21. David could you please try and save bury job at antler luggage .the place is not shutting down they just want to move jobs out of bury.

  22. Dear David,

    Thank you for voting to preserve stability of families, biological fact, and permanency of morals.

    Mrs G Chew

    • No credible evidence to suggest homosexual couples raising children creates an unstable environment, in fact a lot of evidence points the other way since homosexual couples always wanted the child at least. Preserving biological fact doesn’t make sense, facts don’t need preserving, they are facts. By permanency of morals I assume you are referring to the commonly held religious belief homosexuality is immoral based on a passage in Leviticus tucked between not eating pork, touching women when they are menstruating, wearing cloths made of different fabrics, and many other laws I assume you don’t follow

  23. Dear David why has bury council not frozen the council tax?..David Cameron states it will be frozen for a further two years…yeah right! Don’t tell me bury council is short of money.. the can plant trees on the pavement on warmserly rd..put objects on the roundabout on bolton st and repair the block paving in knowserley st..block paving on a main road. j graham

  24. I live in North Yorkshire, on Saturday 17th August 2013 my sister told me about how fantastic Bury Market was, I already knew about the famous black pudding. We decided to pay Bury a visit, only to find parking for the day an issue, we initially parked only to find it was short stay and decided to move, the next car park was also short stay a fair ground was on the long stay car park, I spoke to a couple of local people who were not happy about the fair occupying the car park at the expense of tourist I ended up paying short term then having to think of the time before moving the car to the short stay across the road, whilst in the market I heard a couple from Bradford talking, who had the same issue, if you are going to put a fair on the car park then make signs for tourist or make the car park next to it long stay for that period. This issue tainted what otherwise would have been a good visit. Bury Council get a grip

    • Word of advice from a local. Park at the big Tesco, 15 min walk to Market. Massive car park free all day

  25. Dear Mr. Nuttall, I hope you get this message before you arrive for tomorrow’s debate on action against Syria. I fear the lunacy that wrecked Tony Bliar with his warmongering in Iraq is about to befall Cameron etc over Syria. Yesterday’s poll showed that 74% of the UK are against the UK getting involved because we frankly do not believe anything your leader and Hague say. We all remember Blair’s 20 minute warning which was pure lies. Nobody can condone the use of chemical weapons but we cannot be sure who used the weapons. The great fear of the British public is that this will involve the UK being involved in a long war which will achieve nothing other than deaths on the streets of Britain and possibly WW3. 52 we killed on 7/7 and that was a direct result of British citizens protesting about the way we were treating Musims in Iraq. Can you honestly say the Iraqis are any better off now when 1000 have been killed so far in the month of August? Due to Labour’s open door immigration policy and your Government’s total failure to control immigration, there are a lot more Muslims in the UK than there were in 2007 so we could have a bigger problem. A final point, much of the gas we use is shipped in from Russia. Russia will not support action against Syria. What happens to the old and infirm if Russia turns off the gas tap? Has Cameron even considered this. We all know that Blair has made a fortune since leaving politics. It is unlikely that Cameron will be leader of the Conservatives after the 2015 election. Is Cameron setting himself up for his payday like Blair? I beg you to show your independence and vote against this folly. If you want confirmation that my views represent the majority, read the Daily Mail online comments.

  26. I hear you voted with the government to use military action against Syria. If so, I applaud you. As a former serving soldier, and despite the chaos that was Iraq post-war, (I should know), limited military action is required to prevent the Syrian government escalating the conflict. I would have recommended force earlier but conviction to do so is marred by Iraq. Living in Egypt for four years and travelling the Middle East, I abhor the problems Syria and Egypt now have. But, one cannot preach democracy and freedom if one is not prepared to act. I only wish that the political powers are of sufficient quality, (Blair obviously not), to carry out a strategy with a viable exit. Miliband should hold his head in shame at playing politics with thousands of civilians in Syria. We cannot act everywhere, but we should in Syria.

  27. It would appear from news reports and concerned charities and presure groups that the latest policy to be imposed on the public under the guise of “our common good” is in fact yet another thinly disguised way of reducing public dissent. I have no idea what ‘real terms’ costs are for mounting a publicity campaing, but if they’ve gone up on the same order as my staple shopping bill has, then less than £400,000 is not going to give anyone much of a voice in a democracy.

    Please advise what your vote will be.

  28. Dear Mr. Nuttall
    I would like to express my thoughts regarding Bury Council’s decision to install a sculpture gallery in Bury Central Library. Are you aware of the downsizing of Bury Library in order to make way for sculptures? Are you aware of the £75.000 it’s going to cost to do this? I thought that the ethos of the library services was inclusivity. A sculpture gallery is exclusive. I am fairly certain that the residents of Bury do not require a sculpture gallery. But this not about the residents of Bury or the groups that currently use the library is it? It’s about luring people in from elsewhere. Dare I say social cleansing? I find it offensive that local people don’t seem to matter. I find it offensive that the staff members of the library don’t seem to matter. I find it offensive that our council can spend this sort of money on squashing valuable services instead of investing in them or promoting them. I love art, truly I do but there is a vast amount of space upstairs in the art gallery, why couldn’t the sculptures go in there? I truly hope that the demise of these services are worth it and that the sculpting fraternity will nod and smile at us library users crammed into a dark corner of whatever shall remain of the library.

  29. Dear Mr Nuttall
    May I comment how incompetent the business rates section are at BUry council are and the lack of communication in the back office,also the amount of time they have you waiting on the phone at lunch time ,around 1 pm.First of all we moved in a property on broad street in March 2011 ,to be sent a bill on Xmas eve of the amount of £3000 fo business rates for the year ,also to add to the fact we told Bury Council that we had moved in the property,in the March 2011 ,then in Feb 2012 we received another bill for 2 amounts of £1500 .I rang them up to see if I could pay by instalments which was fine,however after paying over £500 in instalments ,Bury council decided they want the full amount and went o court without us knowing.then to the embarrassment I had a visit from the bailiff for the amount of £3000.explaing that it had gone to court etc .After ringing Bury council who would not entertain the fact I was left paying the bailiff a bill which our business couldn’t afford ,leaving us on the poverty line.then in April 2012 we get this years business rate bill which we have been paying on time ,but half way through the year they took it to court again as we were a week late ,I rang bury council yet again and spoke to a guy on the front desk,however when I was put through the back office they kept me waiting for 20 minutes on the phone of which I couldn’t hang on any longer.having a shop full of clients to see to,are these people that stupid,and incompetent that they screw business over for business rates.they say its for council services etc but the streets of broad street and bury are filthy so it’s Hardley they get cleaned,yes the bins get emptied ,however we take our rubbish home.and as for the rodent problem on the back streets ,I suggest you stop opening takeaways and get something more useful the takeaway behind broad street is filthy there is rubbish everywhere from DIxy chicken ,and as you are supposed to be the mp for this town I suggest you put the business rates money to good use and clean up bury streets and stop spending it on flowers.

  30. Hello

    I was just wondering what your stance is on the proposed 11% pay increase for MP’s?

    Are you in favour of this rise and will you be accepting it?



    • Hi Sarah,

      Thank-you for your enquiry.

      MP’s pay is set by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) not by MP’s.

      So far we have had a pay freeze and a 1% increase – the same as the rest of the public sector. I accepted without question these decisions as I think it is right MP’s should be subject to the same restraint as the rest of the public sector. I also accepted without question their decision to increase our pension contributions which obviously reduced net pay. I will continue to accept the decisions of the Independent Authority. That is the whole purpose of it. The public did not like it when MP’s set their own pay and expenses rules now it is in the hands of IPSA (which many MP’s do complain about!) but I accept that is what the public want.

      Best wishes,

  31. Dear Mr Nuttall,

    I read this morning that Mr Cameron has announced that London is intended to become the greatest non-Muslim centre of Sharia/Muslim finance in the world:

    Please will you give us your response to the voluntary and incomprehensible desire of the Conservative leader to Islamise any part of UK society or trade by submitting it to any form of Sharia Law whatsoever, when there is a bill under debate in the Lords specifically to restrict the influence of Sharia Law in Britain?

    No matter what the financial principles involved, nor how the financial means are stabilised without interest, it would appear that you have a leader who has not learnt from the problems he has caused his party over forcing same-sex marriage on an unwilling electorate, but is instead determined to destroy both Conservatism and the British society which he claims to uphold and was elected to lead.

    I think your chances of remaining a credible government after this depend largely on the ability of Mr Cameron to hoodwink the naïve and gullible for a second, or third, or eighth time as he yet again proposes the unpalatable and permanently damaging policy of putting society under the control of a minority group – those who want Sharia Law to be legally effective in Britain, this time, for which this is the thin end of the wedge.

    I had been giving consideration to the statement of a Conservative PCC candidate that if I don’t vote Conservative, I would not be voting for someone who is in a position to vote against Mr Cameron’s incomprehensible policies. But this has gone further than an unmandated change of law which was too far then. Whoever is persuading him this time, it is clear that you have the weakest and most easily led-by-his-vanity leader in the history of British politics: including Attlee.

  32. hi David i just wondered if any of your constitutents have complained about car parking at fairfield hospital. at the moment i am waiting in the car for my wife but can’t find a empty space
    anywhere , but now as you probably know the main car park is for permit holders.i can see about 100 empty space es this can’t be right thanks mike

    • Hi,

      From time to time I have had complaints about car parking at Fairfield but these complaints have been about the cost rather than the lack of space. Thank-you for drawing your problem to my attention.


    • The solution appears to be to close down some wards, less services, less patients, more parking 🙂

  33. Hello
    My name is Hannah Roach im 19 years if age studying fine art sculpture at Brighton university but I currently live in Stockport.

    Today i attended Bramhall’s Remembrance Day parade. The beauty of the ceremony inspired me.

    My father is 54 and has Parkinson’s disease. Parkinson’s awareness week needs a symbol like the poppy, like the cancer loop. However, It needs to be able to be made by anyone, because Parkinson’s affects all walks of life.

    So I propose, a paper aeroplane. You can make them into badges by adding a simple pin. Parkinson’s awareness week isn’t about raising money, it’s merely creating awareness. It can be any colour and made of any paper you can find. But the official awareness week one shall be white. They can be made out of receipts newspapers, magazines etc.

    So the paper aeroplane which tells so many stories of childhood and good family upbringing, will be used to create awareness for an incurable disease. Children can join in with helping create awareness accidentally.

    As the service went on, I started thinking about how parents on Remembrance Day should encourage their kids to draw and paint the poppy, remake the poppy and discuss war. then i thought about what fun children could have with the paper aeroplane, a different design every year by a different child; A competition perhaps.

    Parkinson’s awareness week is in February. I think it’s really important that this simple idea flys.

    Hannah Roach

    • Your voters would love to know how you voted in the vote just finished, a disgraceful bill by a corrupt and deceitful government and if you voted for it you should be ashamed of yourself, I will find out tomorrow via Hansard or you can explain your actions on here or better still the Bury Times, if you don’t tell the people of Bury I can assure you I will.

  34. Hello mr nuttall, I’ve just taken my quick 20 min lunch break to read the bbc news pages to see that mr Cameron says that my income has been increasing over the last year!! I’m a band b civil servant and have had pay freezes for ages, my fuel bills have just gone up to £160 per month, phone bills gone up, car ins gone up not a single reduced bill in sight. In fact I am now at the point where I have had to start a cake business in the evenings to make ends meet. Heaven knows what I will do when my daughter leaves home and I loose the small amount of keep I get from her. I wish polititions would stop to think how frustrating it is to here these comments when I just can’t see what they mean. My wages are hard earned paying JSA to the poor and I don’t feel much better off than them! Sorry to rant on, but it’s quite annoying.

  35. Mr Nuttall I understand today in the house of commons you voted against the abolition of the so called bedroom tax
    Do you have any idea the hardship this is inflicting on people.
    Myself i am registered disabled and suffer from a number of health conditions . I live in a three bedroom house and have done so for the last 16 years.
    I need a bedroom for myself….. one for a carer… and the third box room we are unable to use as the boiler is in there and is so noisy u couldn’t possible sleep.
    I have been asked to pay £91 per month…… it’s impossible!!!!!!
    My local council hasn’t been able to offer me one exchange. I have been forced into a position of pay this money or you will be evicted. But it is impossible, what happened to the ammount the law says “I need to live on”
    This whole situation has left me feeling vunerable, and as a result my health and mental well being has suffered.
    To leave anybody in this situation of an uncertain future is cruel!!!
    And just to give you some more information on my personal background I have bought up 3 children on my own and worked until my disability.
    This is an ill thought out policy that has turned into a fiasco and the people suffering are the most vunerable in society.
    You should be ashamed of yourself!!!

    • Mr nuttyall and his TORY cronies don’t live in the real world. There are 660000 disabled people affected by the bedroom tax. And each one has grandads nanans mums and dads brothers and sisters aunts and uncles cousins work mates x workmates people sympathetic to their plight and I can go on and on. Wait while the election and the constituency of Bury North buries Mr nutty nutall in the TORY rhetoric other wise known as SH1TE.

  36. Ever heard of Erudio? They are the ones you sold deferred student loans too. They are a DCA and they are lying their way to attempt to make a profit out of people that should not be repaying. I don’t really expect any response because any response would either mean you had to admit to an error by the government or you would have to admit to a deliberate and probably fraudulent missale of student loans. But just so long as none of your contributors were effected!!!

  37. Hello,

    I am a Bury North resident who will most definitely be voting conservative in the GE. I’ve noticed several residents around Manchester and locally have signs to pledge who they are voting for. I would like some signs to state I will be voting conservative, however I cannot seem to find where to order these.

    Thank You.

    Miss Diver

  38. Hi

    As the general election is tomorrow I do not expect a reply to this before my vote is cast. Unfortunately I find myself in an awkward position with who to vote for in tomorrows general election. On the economy and policies as a whole I agree with the conservatives, on the majority of issues. Alas though I live in Bury North, and our candidate, yourself in this case, is one of the most rebellious conservative MPs there is. I am against leaving the EU, as conservatives as a whole are, but as Mr Nutall is not, I am against the death penalty, against banning the burka in public places, against conscription, pro equal rights for same sex couples, and pro corporate transparency. All of which seems to be in line with the party as a whole, but not with Mr Nutall. So who do I vote for? I have a candidate who’s views do not match the majority of the party he is in. It would be much simpler for me to vote conservative if you were the UKIP candidate, which is where your policies seem to put you.

    • Perhaps you could provide the Hansard link as to whenever I have either voted or even spoken in favour of ‘banning the burka’
      As for the EU I am in favour of holding a referendum so everyone can express their view.

  39. Hi David,

    Firstly I’d like to congratulate you on your re-election to parliament. While I disagree with you in many areas, your independence and willingness to rebel against the party line is extremely commendable.

    I’d like to quickly raise two issues in particular. Will you vote against any further increase in tuition fees? And if not, will you fight for an increased provision for those from poorer backgrounds so that they are not put off from pursuing higher education.

    Secondly, what plans do you have to work towards the legally binding target of an 80% reduction in our carbon emissions by 2050 (as set out in the 2008 Climate Change Act) during your time in office? In particular, will you support an increased investment in energy efficiency measures – by far the most cost-effective way of reducing emissions. Many of these measures would have multiple other benefits. Investment in home insulation, for example, would also reduce household energy bills, reduce fuel poverty, and would consequently save the government money in the future as they would be able to reduce winter fuel payments

    Thank you,


    P.S. Hansard link of you speaking against the Burka Ban, for the benefit of Matthew Dunn above:
    “David Nuttall: it would be wrong for us to introduce a general ban on face coverings”

    • Hi,

      I am not aware of any plans to change tuition fees but in due course I guess the £9,000 figure will need to be changed if only because of inflation
      As for reducing carbon emissions the Conservative policies on this are set out in our manifesto which can be read here:


  40. Dear Mr Nuttall,
    Given the Irish referendum has demonstrated such an overwhelming public support for gay marriage; would you reconsider your stance against this simple equality?
    Paul Bland

    • Hi,
      No. my view has not changed, to me a marriage is between a man and a woman. Of course, I accept there are many same sex couples in long term relationships that some may wish to call marriages. In all respects I believe people should be treated equally.

  41. Hi Mr Nuttall, Many countries around the world, including many states in the USA are radically changing their attitude towards cannabis use as medicine and for recreational use. These countries include the Czech Republic, Ecuador, Canada, Spain, Uruguay, Norway, Portugal. I could go on but these countries have realized that the ‘war on drugs’ has caused untold damage to their countries and citizens. Labeling people who wish to smoke cannabis in their own homes or use it as a medication for illnesses, as criminals ruins people lives. The present law punishes people for a victimless crime.
    Are you in favor of reviewing the law on cannabis?

  42. Dear Mr. Nuttall,

    I am a young man born and raised in Bury, currently in a seriously difficult situation and seemingly have nobody else to turn to. Please can we discuss my circumstances in person, or over the phone? For example, do you have office hours to meet with constituents? My issues are a little too sensitive to post on a WordPress blog.

    Yours faithfully,

  43. As a disabled Bury North resident, I would like to know your justification for voting in favour of ESA cuts.
    Disabled people do not choose to be unemployed. We don’t choose to have conditions that prevent us from being part of the workforce. If we do not work it is because we cannot work, not because we won’t work.
    Decreasing ESA is therefore not an incentive towards work, it is a punishment for being disabled.
    The Government should be thoroughly ashamed for the entire ESA and PIP systems. The repeated retesting of claimants puts enormous stress on people who are already suffering. Now the small amount of money we do manage to claim is being cut again.
    We are not second class citizens. We are people with rights and we will reward the despicable actions of your political party with our votes for the opposition at the next election.

  44. Would you care to comment on your reasonings to talk the recent NHS bill out on Friday and thus push the NHS further down the road of privatisation? Is this some kind of sport to force reasonable bills out of parliament? Or are you as heartless and uncaring like you funny little friends Davies and Hollobone and Leigh? Did you have a laugh in the bar afterwards (that you probably claimed in expenses) about how much more suffering you would cause?
    If you claim to be a real Christian you need to have a good look at yourself and how you treat your fellow man.
    Because at the moment, you’re coming across heartless and cruel through your actions. The beauty of social media is your actions will be very much in the public eye. I wonder how many people who voted for you know you consider playing with services they use as a game.
    I’m not in your constituency but your actions on Friday will effect me and my children for years to come.
    For that reason, I’m writing on you site to ask you to grow up and remember you represent the people and not the private businesses moving in to butcher the NHS for profit.

  45. Any thoughts on accusations of electoral fraud by the Conservatives in Bury North, as reported by Channel 4?

    • Hi,
      We declared everything we are required to do so as part of our local spending return. If there was any problem I am sure Labour would have been on to it as soon as the return was filed nearly a year ago.

  46. I have signed the petition regarding a re-run of the referendum. Such a close result. I am very upset that Mr, Cameron has had to step down. Don’t want to see Boris at No. 10. It seems there
    are no friends or loyalties in politics.

  47. Are the DWP actually taught the legislation for PIP? I’ve got my ATOS report back and it appears that quite clearly the DWP are not complying with the current PIP Legislation. It’s putting much too much stress on disabled people. I think that we are easy targets. They made a total mess of ESA and the tribunal judge was furious with them and now they are starting again. They certainly seem to be putting disabled people like me through the mill and to be honest I feel I’m drowning and not getting any help from anybody. It’s wasting public money as well. I despair.

  48. I have today made an objection regarding the green belt land which has been included in the GM Spatial Framework proposals. During this consultation period i would like to hear the views from our elected MP’s. The consultation period is short and to date there has been 2 articles in the Bury Times and 1 very unpublised consultation meeting at Bury Town Hall. I think this needs brining to the publics attention before it is to late.

    I would appreciate you views on this pleae

    • Dear Julie,

      I believe the green belt should be protected and I have emailed you with a full reply. It is very important that as many people as possible respond to the formal consultation.

      Kind regards,

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