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Smart energy meters make a great deal of sense on the face of it. They enable consumers to keep a check on the amount of the energy they are using. Consequently allowing them to keep better control of energy costs.

Of course the other way to control energy costs is to switch suppliers in order to make use of the competition in the energy market. It appears here lies a snag with the so-called smart meters. More than one person has reported to me that having gone to the trouble of having a smart meter fitted when they have switched suppliers they have had to have a new ‘smart’ meter fitted.

I am sure there must be a good reason why this is so but it sure does not make much sense for the consumer who has to arrange for a new meter to be fitted every time they switch supplier. Not a great incentive for people to switch.

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3 thoughts on “Smart? meters

  1. There is no legal requirement to have a smart meter fitted (I checked the government web site). Best way is to read your meters monthly. If the gas registers in cubic feet multiply by 31.35 = Kwhrs. I’m paying 2.01p/kwhr for gas and 9.7p/kwhr for electric (just switched again). Depends how much you use as to how important it is. Can’t reduce my Council Tax and after that this is my biggest outlay – mortgage free – yipee.

  2. I totally agree, that’s why I have held back. I think we need a nationwide strategy and a law if necessary to make them cover all suppliers.

  3. Surely so called ‘smart meters’ just give the supplier an opportunity to ration electricity…?

    I can’t believe in this day and age that anybody needs a ‘smart meter’ to tell them that the tumble drier uses a lot of power.

    Smart meters will cost billions and I suspect any saving in consumption will be absolutely minimal. I’m sure though when our disastrous energy policies start to cause blackouts ‘smart meters’ will be used to prevent high energy devices being used in times of peak demand.

    Want a cup of tea? Sorry, smart meter says you can’t put the kettle on just now…

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