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Today The Peoples Pledge officially launches. The idea is to ask people across the Country only to vote for Candidates who will pledge to support an in/out referendum in Europe. I do support the idea of having an in/out referendum and I support the idea of this new initiative. It is a cross party initiative which has already attracted the support of two national newspapers. The campaign is supported by people who very much want us to stay in the European Union but it is no less valid for that. it is thirty-six years since the Country last had the opportunity to vote on our relationship with Europe and I think it is time the people of the United Kingdom were given the right to have their say on this vital issue.


I attended the well attended launch this morning of The Peoples Pledge at Altitude 360 in Millbank Tower. Representatives from both the Labour Party ( John Mann MP) and the Conservative Party ( Zac Goldsmith MP) spoke along with the distinguished economist (Ruth Lea) and representatives from the Green Party and the Trade Union movement. Thousands have already indicated their support so if you would like to have a say on the EU click on the link here and sign up!

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17 thoughts on “The Peoples Pledge

  1. we were told that we needed to join the eu for trade purposes, since when has Japan,China,Taiwan etc been part of the EU

  2. I would love to know why my posts regarding Fairfield and Lybia have been removed-My comments have obviously touched a nerve of truth and in true tory fashion you brush it under the carpet and hope nobody will notice-
    roll on the next election sir….

  3. The problem is Mr Nuttall that after your broken ‘pledge’ about Fairfield, we do not trust you and your pledges. You should resign and fight a by-election because the promises on which you sought election have not been kept.

  4. so you want us to wait another 5 years.NOT GOOD ENOUGH.we need a referendum much sooner than that. given the lack of any true democracy in this country or the uk i will not hold my breath .

  5. It is a pity the conservatives did not take up Lord Pearson’s offer of UKIP pulling out of the 2010 election, if a referendum was promised onin or out of the EU, it shows there is no real mood for the conservatives to offer a referendum.

  6. Pledges? Don’t make me laugh. They aren’t worth the paper they are written on. *cough* Fairfield…

  7. I totally agree with the objectives, too many politicians and civil servants have locked us into a situation with Europe that we, the people, never asked for and, more importantly never voted for and do not like.
    I live in Liam Fox’s constituency so my vote, or lack of it, will have little effect on his position but will make every effort to ensure that he knows how his constituents feel.

  8. It’s about time the people could have a say, it was one thing to go into Europe for trade. Then there is another where Europe is controlling Britain’s Parliament and her laws.

    Our Identity as a Nation has and still very much under threat and the billions we are sending over to Europe could be better spent on the infrastructure and people of this country since Europe is losing billions as they cannot even audit their own books, as too much money is missing. That problem about money missing has never been challenged or answered, so why should we throwing good money after bad, when we need that money in our own country.

    It’s about time we stopped sending money and troops abroad, the neutral countries such as Switzerland, and the Baltic Countries seem to doing brilliantly and their countries seem to be thriving, because they are not caught up with all these wars and brawling.

    We need to get back our border controls, set our own laws as we once did and bring back some common sense to our nation once more.

    I certainly say let’s get out of Europe.

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