The Pound and the G20

I think the Shadow Chancellor George Osborne MP was absolutely right to point out that the recent slide in the value of the pound has been as a direct result of the fact that under Labour our Country has simply been spending more and borrowing more than it can afford. He is right to point out that if Labour carry on in the same direction with yet more borrowing then the likely result is that the value of streling will fall even further.

This weekend has seen the leaders of the twenty largest countries – the so called G20 – meeting in Washington USA to discuss the economic crisis. Too little, too late is my view. I doubt that any of us will notice any improvement in our financial position as a result of the meeting just a talking shop. It occured to me that if the G20 Leaders are so concerned about global warming surely they could have had the same discussions via a global video conference much cheaper and more efficient.

This past week I have been busy with the campaign. I attended a coffee morning in Fusiliers Court on Tuesday. I did some leafletting and had various meetings with Party officials at our Regional headquarters in Salford.

Published by David Nuttall

Business and Political Consultant