Imitation – The sincerest form of flattery.

When Gordon Brown announced via a cosy BBC interview that there was not going to be an autumn election he claimed that the reason was that he wanted to set out his vision for the Country and then allow the voters to pass their judgement. I am sure many people felt as I did when on Tuesday in the pre-budget report many of the Chancellor’s plans seemed to have an uncanny resemblance to the policy ideas we had been setting out and discussing in Blackpool last week. Nothing by the way of original ideas. I saw all this in the dying days of the last Conservative Government and whilst because of the passage of time the whole situation is now very different you do get the feel that the Government is giving the impression of having run out of steam. Not so much vision as vacuum as David Cameron said in Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday.

On Tuesday evening I called in at a Cheese and Wine evening organised by the Bury Society for Blind and Partially Sighted People. They are a great local charity who do fantastic work for those who are blind or have difficulty with their eyesight.

Published by David Nuttall

Business and Political Consultant