Brown bounce

Regular readers will know that I do not propose to comment on each and every opinion poll that is released. We have now had three polls which put Labour slightly ahead and the expected bounce for Labour in the opinion polls after the departure of Tony Blair (not just as Prime Minister but as we now know from the domestic political stage completely) has happened. Personally, I have never doubted that Gordon Brown will be tough opponent not to be taken lightly. Nevertheless, is instinct is to tax us all more and control us all more. During his time as Chancellor pension funds have been crippled with his new tax on pensions. He takes £10 billion a year in Stamp Duty four times as much as when he became Chancellor – no wonder first time buyers struggle to get on the housing ladder.
The number of households paying inheritance tax has doubled under Gordon Brown.
Gordon Brown is part of the past not the future and he can never be part of the change the Country wants. I would not be surprised to see the polls swing back to the Conservatives in the coming weeks and months.

Published by David Nuttall

Business and Political Consultant

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