Campaign Launch

Yesterday saw the formal launch of the Conservative Manifesto for this years local elections in Bury. Oliver Letwin MP who is the Head of the Conservative Party’s Policy Review came up for the launch and met with local Councillors and Candidates. Before that we went to Visit Broad Oak School which was threatened by Labour with closure last year and only saved thanks to the vote of the School Organisation Committee where the Conservatives voted to keep it open.

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One thought on “Campaign Launch

  1. You refer to Oliver Letwin recently visiting a school in Bury. Is this the same Mr Letwin who, in 2003 when he was Shadow Chancellor, said he would rather be a beggar than send his children to a state school?

    I think you’ll find he is.

    His exact words were:

    “In Lambeth where I live, I would give my right arm to send them to a fee-paying school. If necessary I would go out on the streets and beg rather than send them to a school next to where I live.”

    How can you inviting him to a State School in Bury be anything other than an insult to the teachers, parents and pupils of all our state schools he has already insulted?

    This man clearly thinks a private education is far superior to anything we can offer. You should be ashamed.

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