Council Meeting and Area Boards

I attended the final meeting of the current municipal year of Bury Council last night. An interesting meeting dominated by Labour’s proposed changes to the Area Boards. The principle of area boards is it would appear accepted by all parties but for some strange reason that I do not understand the ruling Labour Group seem determined to change something which from what I am told by our Councillors in Bury North works quite well. It is I am sure merely a coincidence but the fact that Labour only control two out of the six Area Boards whereas in the past they have controlled five out of the six might have something to do with it!
More importantly in many peoples eyes was England’s result against Andorra. I appreciate things are changing in the world of football but I for one am surprised that Engalnd, with all their very highly paid footballing superstars, could only score three goals against a nation which has a smaller population than Bury North!

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